Werner Vazquez JULES oak


W: 1100 mm
H:    250 mm
D:    200 mm

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Werner Vazquez JIM oak


W: 630 mm
H:  285 mm
D:  215 mm

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Jules and Jim are made of solid wood, available in ash, oak and American walnut.

We only use premium quality timber sourced from sustainable forests in Europe and North America.

Ash, oiled (coming soon)

Oak, oiled

American walnut, oiled


Our partner workshops in Switzerland and Germany specialise in the manufacture of solid wood furniture. They have a deep understanding of furniture making and combine traditional handcraft with advanced technology to ensure every shelf is made with great care and precision.

Each piece is hand assembled, hand finished and quality controlled before it is carefully packed and shipped to your homes.

Our collection is hand made and made to order. The lead time is usually 8 to 10 weeks from the date the order is placed and confirmed.

For sales enquiries please contact: sales@wernervazquez.com

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